Goodnight Joseph Parker

A film by Dennis Brooks










Left to Right: Nick Chinlund, Richard Edson (on the floor again), Debi Mazar, Paul Sorvino

It’s been said that there are two types of women in a man’s life: The ones who screw him up and the ONE who screwed him up. And like Ahab drawn to the whale, something mystical and deep inside man urges him back towards the ONE, knowingly, recklessly towards an ending that might finally bring a relief. That ‘something’ has been called love by poets, compulsion by psychiatrists and just plain stupid by the old gang Joey Parker left behind at "Charlie’s Bar and New Crystal Ballroom", a locals-only New Jersey pit with a revolving door for lost and restless men coming and going, searching for something or someone, a drive fuelled by cheap whiskey and a hazy, fading vision of a once promised, almost forgotten dream.

But Joey Parker’s triumphant surprise return to "Charlie’s" as a celebrated crooner from Manhattan about to appear on the Jay Leno show is different. His dream has only grown stronger over the past seven years and he’s come back with the means to attain it; to marry the one he left behind. With his return, however, the dreams of others are awakened…dreams perhaps best left sleeping in this drowsy bar…dreams of betrayal and of death and of the cruelest dream of them all; the dream of long-forgotten dreams.

Thomas Wolfe wrote, "You Can’t Go Home Again." Joey Parker from New Jersey is set to prove him wrong.